Nathaniel Nunziante (Musical Director)

Born and raised on music, Nathaniel's musical ability appeared at a very young age, and he began to teach himself the piano when he was only four years old.

Since then he's developed into a prolific songwriter and performer, with an outstanding ability to combine powerful lyrics with unforgettable melodies.

He studied both music and film at Long Island University, and it was there that he began to learn the technical theory behind the raw skill that he had developed on his own. As both a writer and performer he shows extreme versatility. His compositions span several genres, and he has worked as a writer / producer with many artists in addition to his own albums.

In 2007, Nathaniel was discovered by world renown saxophonist for Billy Joel, Richie Cannata, who requested the opportunity to produce Nathaniel’s debut album, “I Walk These Roads.” Since it's release, it has done very well in the indie market and has sold thousands of copies as well as downloads, in spite of no label involvement and little to no marketing. Many of the tracks can be heard regularly on FM & AM radio throughout the country, as well as on internet radio.

Over the past several years, Nathaniel has composed the music for all original stage plays on Long Island, which have been performed to sold-out crowds of thousands, including “The Night The Angels Sang,” “Who Is This Man,” “With One Voice,” and most recently, “Revelation,” in which he also starred. He can also be heard on the original cast recording of Revelation, in which he played a leading role.

In 2010, Nathaniel was invited by Mayor Michael Koblenz to perform his originals for a crowd of over 5,000 at the East Hills Concert in the Park for their annual Independence Day celebration in Easy Hills, NY. The performance was a huge success and led to another invitation by William Burton Esq., who was present for the concert.

In 2011, Nathaniel was commissioned by William Burton Esq, the founder and chairman of “The Burton Awards for Legal Achievement,” to write the events official theme song. Upon completion, Mr. Burton was so impressed that he invited Nathaniel and his band to attend the annual awards ceremony to perform the work. The ceremony, which is held annually at the Library of Congress, has a star-studded guest list which includes several key supreme court justices, senators, congressmen and women, as well as some celebrities. In addition to the event’s new theme song, Nathaniel was also asked to perform his original song “The Love of a Hero” at the event, as a dedication to the US troops overseas. The performance earned a standing ovation and teary-eyed gratitude from many of the events key guests. Richie Cannata joined Nathaniel live on-stage for the event, as well as guest performer Jaclyn Casano, whose voice he chose for the event’s duet theme song.

Nathaniel has also written and produced several songs for Priscilla Raine, most of which have gotten regular FM radio play as well as being featured in clubs throughout the tri-state-area. Nathaniel also arranged, for Priscilla, a piano ballad version of a Nick Jonas original song that received over 100,000 Youtube plays in its first month.

With an ambitious mind and a keen sense for business, Nathaniel founded Intrigue Studio in 2006 and it has grown into a fully equipped media production facility that services clients internationally, and is where Nathaniel spends his time when he is not composing or performing.

Since meeting Richie, Nathaniel performs regularly with him in NYC, and has also performed with others such as John Stamos (Full House), The Jonas Brothers, Zachary Levi (Tangled), Julio Fernandez (Spyro Gyra), Derrick Davis (The Lion King on Broadway), Vinny Valentino (George Benson), Kevin Bregande, John Montagna.

In 2012, Nathaniel was asked to join the newly formed “Yellow Brick Road Theatrical” entertainment company team as musical director, and was thrilled at the opportunity to work with Jaclyn Casano once again, as well as Dominick Bonanno, with whom he had worked with before on several stage productions (and who also happens to be his uncle.) After the massive success of the company’s first several performances, Nathaniel was asked to bring his original musical “Life is a Musical” to the company, and it will be going into production in the fall for it’s worldwide debut in the spring of 2014.

Nathaniel is also working on another original album, an original screenplay, and will soon be collaborating with some other big-name artists.

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