Dominick Bonanno (Executive Director)

Dominick has spent the last two decades building and elevating the quality of theater being produced on Long Island.

His passion for theater goes far beyond his love for performing. After years spent in the orchestra pit as a trumpet player and later studying lighting design with an incredible designer, Dominick believes in building a production with a strong foundation of technical directions, supporting the performer with a stage that is set to provide them a place for their gifts to soar. Studying the innovative techniques used by the great directors he has had the opportunity to work with, and listening to the concerns of the performers he has acted alongside, Dominick truly has a love for the artist and their rare talents. For the past 7 years he has been the director of a large theater company here on Long Island, and has overseen the direction and creation of several original works which have been performed for tens of thousands of theatergoers.

Having worked with incredible musicians, actors, choreographers, and technical directors for decades, it was only a matter of time before he looked to create a home for this talented family of artists. The original production of Revelation and the casting of Jaclyn as the female lead was a defining moment. Now joining their artistic vision and creative talents together he looks forward to the launching of many great works and careers through YBRT.

The sky isn't the limit, there are footsteps on the moon!


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